Laboratory of organic electronics:

» Clean-room facility with equipement

» Glove-Box system (5 chambers) (Glove Box Technology Ltd) with equipement

– Unique, specially designed apparatus for:

– Automatic determination of photogeneration quantum yield using xerographic discharge system

– Simultaneous thermoluminescence and thermally stimulated current measurements

– Charge carrier recombination measurements with use of thermoluminescence technique

Laboratory of hybrid nanomaterial synthesis:

– System for thin layers deposition (Layer-by-Layer method)

– Muffle furnace, vacuum driers, hydraulic press

– High-speed centrifuge with cooling system

– Pressure reactor (autoclave) (ROTH)

Laboratory of optical spectroscopy:

» UV-VIS-NIR spectrometer (Varian Inc. Carry 5000) (175 – 3300 nm range) with integrating sphere

» FT-IR spectrometer (Thermo Scientific Nicolet is50) (12 000 – 50 cm-1 range)

– Microscope with stage FP-90 (Mettler-Toledo) for thermo-optical analysis with DSC

Laboratory of computer simulation:

– Cluster of PC-class computers assigned for simulations of complex macromolecules dynamics

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